We cater to Bakers, Candy makers or Confectioners, DIY E-juice Mixers or anyone in the Culinary or Cosmetic industry who would like to use Flavour concentrates to develop or enhance their product. We offer FDA Certified, food-grade professional high concentrated flavourings from well known manufacturers and suppliers. Also available are  Flavour Enhancers and Sweeteners , USP Vegetable Glycerin , USP Propylene Glycol  and PEG 400 - Polyethylene Glycol base carriers, including Terpenes. Glass Boston Round Dropper Bottles, Plastic Unicorn Bottles and other vials and containers for various tinctures.

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WE ARE Fusion Flavours! Your Canadian Authorized Re-sellers of some of the very best high concentrated food grade multi-use flavours, from companies including Capella, Great Lakes Flavour, The Flavor Apprentice / TFA / TPAInawera, Flavorah, Flavor West, Lorann, One on One, Flavour Art, Real Flavors , Liquid Barn and Vape Train.

WE OFFER only the very best. The products and accessories on our site are tested by qualified staff to ensure they meet the highest possible standards for quality, purity and freshness. If we don’t believe a seller’s products meet our high standards, then we don’t approve them. Our customers expect the best, so we go above and beyond to ensure their expectations are exceeded. 

EXPERIENCE online shopping as it was intended. Our unique 'one stop shop' was designed to maximize your online experience. Find your ingredients to make your own e-juice, e-liquid bottles or even lab glassware and accessories for any flavour project. No annoying pop ups or intrusive chat boxes. Have some questions or can’t find what you need? Just ask us! We're only one click away!

WE LOVE our customers! We understand that nothing blows more than ‘bad customer service’. In a time when so many businesses fail to care about customers needs or the customer experience, we've set the bar. We believe every customer deserves our best. Whether you're first starting out or a seasoned diy flavour pro, we are always here when you need us! 

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