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    Our Shipping Policy

    We endeavor to provide shipping to our customers at the best possible price and expedited in a timely manner. Shipping costs are provided by our shipping carriers via live feed and include both postage and safe dependable packaging materials. Our processing time for orders is 1 to 2 business days. 3 to 5 days for bulk quantity orders.


    All of our shipping prices are supplied to you via live feed from our shipping carriers. You may view the exact cost of shipping from your shopping cart with the shipping calculator widget located to the right at checkout (enter your postal code for estimate).


    Detailed Shipping Policy

    Shipping Origin

    We are a Canadian company located in Barrie, Ontario. All orders are shipped from our Barrie location. 

    International Shipping

    If you are from outside Canada or the United States and wish to purchase from us, Please expect that all international orders shipping outside of Canada will have longer transit times. You also may have to pay for customs charges (which will be assessed and collected by the Canada Post partner courier of your home country) before your package is released to you. It would be advisable to research your country's current customs duty/taxes on importing goods prior to making any purchases with us. Please remember there are no guarantees on items shipped internationally.


    Shipping Methods in Canada

    • FedEx Ground - 1 to 5 business days based on the distance to the destination
    • FedEx Express/ Overnight - 1-3 business days on a major cities in Canada. Our cut off time for these orders is 11am, in order to ship them the same day. Otherwise, we will ship it the next business day.
    • Canada Post Expedited Parcel - Cost effective ground service with guaranteed delivery. 1 up to 7 Days
    • XpresspostTM - Fast and cost-effective with guaranteed delivery. 1 up to 2 Days
    • PriorityTM -¬† Guaranteed rush delivery anywhere in Canada. Next Day*¬†¬†Our cut off time for these orders is 8am, in order to ship them the same day. Otherwise, we will ship it the next business day.

    *Tracking and Delivery Confirmation as well as Delivery Updates come standard with these services.

    How Shipping is Calculated Canadian Orders:

    Shipping charge for your order is calculated based on 4 factors:
    • Order subtotal before tax and shipping¬†
    • Total shipping weight of your order¬†
    • Number of boxes your order will be shipped in¬†
    • The delivery destination¬†

    We will ship your order in one box if the total shipping weight of your order is less than 30kg. The number of boxes your order will be shipped depends on the total shipping weight of your order. Canada Post has a shipping weight limit of 30kg per package; therefore any order that has a total shipping weight of more than 30kg will be shipped in multiple boxes. Each additional box used to ship your order is subject to a surcharge. Please note that the weight used to calculate the shipping charge of your order is based on the Shipping Weight of a product and not the Net Weight. Shipping Weight of a product includes the package weight and other packaging material that are needed to protect the products during transit.

    Flexible Delivery Options (Canada Post Only)

    Leave At Door 

    This option is only available for items that are usually delivered to the door. A delivery attempt will be made at the door. If no one is available and the item fits, it will be left in your mail receptacle. If the item does not fit or the mail receptacle is full and there is a safe drop location (an appropriate safe place where the item is sheltered from the weather and not seen by passers-by), the item will be safe dropped. A Safe Drop Card indicating the location of the safe drop will be left in the addressee’s mail receptacle at the time of delivery. If safe drop is not possible, a Delivery Notice Card will be left, and the item will be available for pickup at the designated post office.
    Canada Post can leave the package at your door, or leave the package with the concierge of your building if no one is home when the delivery is attempted. Should you wish your package be left at your door, please indicate as such: "Please safe drop/Leave at Door" on the shipping address page during checkout. **Important Note**: ONLY use this option if your area is safe for leaving a package at your door. Please note that neither Canada Post nor Fusion Flavours will be responsible for any loss should you use this delivery option. Please use this option at your own discretion.

    Request for Leaving Package with Security/Concierge Desk of your Building

    If you live in an apartment or condo building that has a security/concierge desk, and you wish Canada Post to leave the package with the security/concierge desk if no one will be home to receive your package(s), please specify as such: "Leave package with security/concierge desk" in the comment field of your order. **Important note**: Please check to make sure that the security/concierge desk of your building is authorized to accept packages on your behalf before using this option.


    Card (Hold) for Pickup

    A Delivery Notice Card will be left for the addressee and the item will be forwarded to the designated post office. The addressee or a representative is required to show one valid piece of government-issued photo identification when picking up the item. Please specify as such: "Card (Hold) for Pickup."


    Deliver to Post Office

    The option allows you the choice to have your items(s) delivered using Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel services to a post office of your preference and convenience. Canada Post has an extensive network of secure post office facilities, which also makes this option ideal for high-value or temperature-sensitive items. An automated email notification is issued to you once the item is delivered to the post office, advising that the parcel is ready for pickup. If the item is not picked up after five days you will receive a second email and a phone message reminding you to pick up the item. You or a representative will be asked to show one valid piece of government-issued photo identification at the post office for authentication. After 15 days, if the item has not been picked up, it will be returned to the originating address indicated on the shipping label.

    Unclaimed Packages

    If after 15 days your package(s) is/are still left unclaimed at the postal station, Canada Post will ship the unclaimed package(s) back to us.
    Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to pickup the package from the postal station within the holding period. In the case where the package is left unclaimed and is shipped back to us by Canada Post, the customer is responsible for the shipping charge incurred for the delivery, as well as the shipping cost charged to Fusion Flavours by the carrier for the return delivery. We are not responsible for returned orders unclaimed after 30 days.

    Refused Packages

    We are not responsible for packages which have been refused by the recipient or anyone else therein. There are no refunds on orders which are refused by the recipient.

    Incorrect Shipping Address

    In the case where an incorrect shipping address was provided by the customer for the order which results in an unsuccessful delivery, the customer is responsible for the shipping charge incurred for the delivery, as well as the shipping cost charged to Fusion Flavours by the carrier for the return delivery. Please note that while we try our best to catch error in delivery addresses before the package is shipped, neither Canada Post nor Fusion Flavours is responsible for correcting an incorrect delivery address submitted and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the delivery address provided is correct and deliverable by Canada Post. A deliverable address by Canada Post refers to the correct combination of Street #, Street name, unit of PO Box# (if applicable), City, province and postal code. Fusion Flavours reserves the right to review and adjust the shipping charge assessed for an order if an incorrect address was provided during order check out, which results in a wrong shipping charge being assessed.

    Refunds & Exchanges

    Orders cannot be changed or altered. If in the rare occasion an item in your order is Out of stock or Back order, we will send you the item immediately when it arrives in stock or credit your account for the full amount of the item or product. Refunds on these items will only be issued when an item or product is equal to or exceeds $50.00.

    Any discrepancies must be declared via email within 5 days of receiving your order. Photos must be provided with each claim.


    Labware and Accessories

    Unfortunately laboratory glassware or protective lab accessories cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. This is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacterial or chemical agents since there is no way to tell if these items have been contaminated just by looking at them. Please contact us first if you are unsure of what you need.


    Flavours & Ingredients

    We do not accept returns or exchanges on flavourings and other ingredients for any reason once shipped. Taste is subjective and not every product will please every customer. We encourage you to try the small sizes first, before purchasing large sizes.