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    Capella Flavors

    Authorized resellers of Capella® Flavor Drops and SilverLine® Concentrates.

    Capella Flavors offers a wide variety of flavors, including fruits, desserts, candies, beverages. Some popular flavors include Vanilla Custard, Sweet Strawberry, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, and Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. Capella Flavors concentrates are also available in different sizes, ranging from small sample sizes to larger quantities.

    One of the benefits of using Capella Flavors concentrates is their high quality. Capella Flavors uses only premium ingredients in their products, and their concentrates are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure consistency and quality. Additionally, Capella Flavors concentrates are water-soluble, which makes them easy to incorporate into recipes and allows for consistent flavor distribution.

    All products that are currently available for sale do not contain the following: Milk or Dairy products / derivatives Egg and egg products Wheat Products (wheat gluten) Soy Products Peanut and peanut products / derivatives Tree nuts Fish Protein Shellfish Sesame Seeds Mustard

    *Highly concentrated multiuse flavourings - Dilution required!

     *Please contact us for bulk, wholesale or general inquiries.