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    General Inquiries

    Are super strength flavours appropriate for use in baking?

    Can your flavours be used in beer brewing?

    Can your flavours be used in lip balm crafting?

    How do I make my own E-Juice?

    Can we blend your e-juice for you? Yes we can!

    Why do flavours change colour and why do some have strong unpleasant smells?

    Flavour Specification Sheets, MSDS/SDS and Certificates of Analysis.


    How quickly do we ship?

    Do I get tracking number?

    Do we ship Internationally?

    Do we have a retail store location? Hours of operation?

    My flavours smell like nail polish remover, why?


    How do i pay with Interac EMT?

    Can i pay with Credit Card?

    Return Policy

    Flavours & Ingredients

    Labware and Accessories

    Refunds & Exchanges