December 12, 2018

How to Make DIY E-Juice: A Beginner's Guide

DIY Vape juice: a brief introduction

One of the few drawbacks of vaping is the cost of e-juice. If you use a sub-ohm setup, you can easily burn through 10 mL in a day. These costs can add up, particularly if you’re a fan of premium and more expensive e-liquid brands. And often your choices are limited. Maybe you want to vape on a non-existing profile, like pineapple tobacco or a watermelon custard juice. Or even worse, the vape shop is out of your preferred nicotine level and you leave empty-handed or with something you don’t really want.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution to all these problems: make your own e-liquid! If you already have your DIY supplies ready for making DIY e-juice, your next step will be to experiment with some tried-and-tested recipes. For everyone else, here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to make high quality homemade DIY e-juice. We’ll cover what DIY supplies and ingredients you need, how to mix DIY e-juice, vape calculators, steeping, tips and tricks, and more.

September 21, 2018

Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!

Have you ever vaped your favourite flavour, and suddenly noticed you can’t identify it any longer?

Or, even worse, found you can’t taste anything or that your tongue is so numb to the sensation of taste – that anything with flavour is just bland?

Then you’ve likely experienced vaper’s tongue. No need to panic, you’ve got this!
In this article you’ll find out what causes vaper’s tongue and what to do about it if you get it.

What Is Vaper’s Tongue?

The term vaper’s tongue - also known as Vaper’s Fatigue Syndrome (Yes, we just made that up!) is used to cover a range of taste related ailments in reference to vaping - more specifically a proclaimed inability to identify flavour in vapourized e-juice.

While we don’t want to alarm anyone - as causes of vaper's tongue include dehydration, vitamin deficiency or illness, in most cases, the condition is temporary and soon resolves itself. There are a number of solutions for this common annoyance, so no need to panic!

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September 20, 2018

Guelph university lab is turning cannabis cultivation into a science

“In the past when people said marijuana (or) cannabis, it’s just one thing came to mind - THC,” Zheng says, referring to the buzz-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol.

“But now that’s not the case because now there are over 200 ... varieties of cannabis, and each one has a different chemical profile,” he says adding there has been a profusion of new strains in recent years. Those chemical profiles centre mainly on two classes of compounds - cannabinoids and terpenes - that have different effects on users. “The cannabinoids part - and you’ve got so many different cannabinoids - include THC, which makes people high, and CBD (cannabidiol, which) is more medicinal,” Zheng explains.

The terpenes influence the taste and aroma of the product and may also play roles in such secondary recreational or medicinal effects as relaxation or focus, he says.

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September 20, 2018

Vaping Glossary

If you are new to vaping is really important to get familiar with some of the new vocabulary. Here are some words you might find helpful when you become a vaper.

September 20, 2018

DIY Flavour Pairing Guide

Creativity and imagination is part of the fun of flavour pairing. Be adventurous and open to new flavours, go ahead and try unique combinations... You never know... You may just create the next big flavour trend!

As a rule of thumb, desserts usually only have one or two predominant flavour pairs, and some may have small amounts of additional flavour elements to help support the main flavour profile. Try to avoid combining too many flavours together as this can result in muting flavours to the point where flavours are cancelled out. Read more


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