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    Vaping Glossary

    If you are new to vaping is really important to get familiar with some of the new vocabulary. Here are some words you might find helpful when you become a vaper.


    ADV / All Day Vape: Literally an e-liquid with such an appealing flavour - be it complex or simple, that you can happily vape it ALL DAY! Sometimes you might blend an e-liquid because of the novelty value of its flavour, or you may simply choose a flavour as a change or compliment to your beverage or meal. An all day vape is a flavour that is perhaps less interesting or novel, but does not become boring when used over a longer period of time. If you haven't found yours yet - you will. You've got this!

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    Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!

    Have you ever vaped your favourite flavour, and suddenly noticed you can’t identify it any longer?

    Or, even worse, found you can’t taste anything or that your tongue is so numb to the sensation of taste – that anything with flavour is just bland?

    Then you’ve likely experienced vaper’s tongue. No need to panic, you’ve got this!
    In this article you’ll find out what causes vaper’s tongue and what to do about it if you get it.

    What Is Vaper’s Tongue?

    The term vaper’s tongue - also known as Vaper’s Fatigue Syndrome (Yes, we just made that up!) is used to cover a range of taste related ailments in reference to vaping - more specifically a proclaimed inability to identify flavour in vapourized e-juice.

    While we don’t want to alarm anyone - as causes of vaper's tongue include dehydration, vitamin deficiency or illness, in most cases, the condition is temporary and soon resolves itself. There are a number of solutions for this common annoyance, so no need to panic!

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    DIY Flavour Pairing Guide

    Creativity and imagination is part of the fun of flavour pairing. Be adventurous and open to new flavours, go ahead and try unique combinations... You never know... You may just create the next big flavour trend!

    As a rule of thumb, desserts usually only have one or two predominant flavour pairs, and some may have small amounts of additional flavour elements to help support the main flavour profile. Try to avoid combining too many flavours together as this can result in muting flavours to the point where flavours are cancelled out. Read more


    Found a flavour combination you love? Leave a comment on this post!

    How to DIY E-Juice | A Beginner's Guide

    DIY E-juice | Intro

    Vaping can blow goats due to high costs of store bought e-juice. Depending on your device and setup, you can easily burn through 10 to 30 mL in a day and possibly more. These costs can add up, particularly if you’re a fan of premium and more expensive e-liquid brands. In the end, saving your bottom line and having access to high quality fresh ingredients is a win win for any vape enthusiast.

    Getting into DIY might seem intimidating if it's your first time, though once you can get past your calculations (hang in there, you've got this!), mixing up your favourite batches becomes easy peasy.

    Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to make high quality homemade DIY e-juice. We’ll cover what DIY supplies and ingredients you'll need, how to mix DIY e-juice, vape calculators, steeping, DIY hacks, and more.

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