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    Personal Protective Equipment

    We provide high-quality, dependable and affordable Personal Protective Equipment you can trust to keep you and your lab work space clean and safe.

    If you don't find exactly what you're looking for , contact us and we will do our best to get you what you need for your project!


    Black Nitrile Gloves  (Box of 100)19.99Fusion Flavours
    Hair Caps (2 pack)1.39Fusion Flavours
    Beard Nets (2 pack)0.89Fusion Flavours
    18" Protective Sleeves/pair5.99Fusion Flavours
    Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8%7.99Fusion Flavours
    From $7.99 $9.99
    MCR Safety® Glasses16.99Fusion Flavours
    3M™ Splash Gogglegear™ Safety Goggles19.99Fusion Flavours
    Polyethylene Sleeves/25 pairs9.99Fusion Flavours
    MCR Safety® Glasses 2235R11.99Fusion Flavours