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    Borosilicate Chemistry Lab Glassware and Accessories. For use with wax liquidizer, CBD oil, essential oils, terpenes, aromas, tinctures, cosmetics, perfumery and many other applications.

    For home, educational or commercial use. 

    250mL Erlenmeyer Flask6.99Fusion Flavours
    From $6.99
    500mL Graduated Cylinder24.99Fusion Flavours
    From $24.99
    50mL Griffin Beaker4.99Fusion Flavours
    From $4.99
    150mL Griffin Beaker6.99Fusion Flavours
    From $6.99
    Glass Conical Funnel5.99Fusion Flavours
    Glass Stir Rod3.49Fusion Flavours
    1mL Glass Graduated Dropper Pipette (2 pack)2.99Fusion Flavours
    Test Tube 1oz1.99Fusion Flavours
    Test Tube Rack9.99Fusion Flavours
    Tapered Rubber Stopper for Test Tube 1oz0.49Fusion Flavours
    1mL Disposable Plastic Pipette0.21Fusion Flavours
    Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8%7.99Fusion Flavours
    From $7.99 $9.99