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    The Methods


    The first and most traditional method of steeping is “Time”. Leaving the top off the bottle (allowing air to get to it) will steep and improve a juice over time. This is usually done by placing the opened bottle in a warm dark place from anywhere to a day or two or up to a week. Occasionally give the bottle a squeeze to expel the air in it and replenish it with fresh air. The benefits to this are naturally steeped and matured juices. A disadvantage is the length of time it takes.


    Vigorous shaking, stirring, etc; will help. You will notice little air bubbles throughout your ejuice bottle. The bubbles also allow for more oxidation to occur as this method fills your ejuice with air bubbles. Let it sit for a couple hours or until the bubbles dissipate, then repeat again for as many times as you wish.

    Water Bath Heating

    Putting the bottle of juice in a hot water bath will shorten the time it takes to mature a juice. Heating thins the liquid and allows interchange and fusion at a molecular level. However, heat is an enemy of Nic, it will degrade the Nic content if too hot. Warm, NOT hot water is advised if you are steeping ejuice which contains nic! If you’re steeping without nic, you may use boiled water and let it bathe until room temperature. It would be advisable to only use glass bottles for this method and not plastic. I shouldn’t have to explain for obvious reasons.


    This method combines vibration from ultrasonic frequencies or pulses of energy. With or without a warm water bath, reports have been very encouraging when using this method. Some may even claim the equivalent of 2 weeks steeping time to a single day.

    Using any, or a combination of the above methods and then allowing time in a warm dark place, will improve any e-liquid flavour considerably.
    So you’re probably wondering….. How long do I let my e-juice steep?
    The Answer is “As long as it takes!” No two juices are the same, or will taste the same to you or anyone else. The only person who can answer that is you! It may be as little as a day or two, a couple of weeks or maybe even no time or effort at all, but you will have to experiment and taste for yourself. One thing is definite though. If you allow e-juice time to mature and develop by using some of the methods I have mentioned above, it will undoubtedly improve any e-liquid in comparison to when first blended or opened.

    ~The Fusion Flavour Team