Flavourless Nicotine Salicylate Salts

Nicotine Salicylate Salts USP

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    Nicotine concentrate in the form of salts (salicylate) which are naturally occurring in the tobaco plant. This property enables an increased absorption rate. Generally for smaller pod or Juul type non-sub ohm devices. It is imperative to take special care as the higher milligrams will be much 'smoother' on the throat with little to no aftertaste. Clarity is an amber hue.
    • Eliminates throat hit
    • Smoother in comparison to benzoate nicotine salts

    Comes in a white UV light-impact resistant HDPE container with child resistant cap. Further dilution and process may be required. Remember to store refrigerated or in a cool place away from heat, which will assist in retaining freshness.

    *Photo i.d. for age verification required upon purchase (email here: info@fusionflavours.ca)

    Note: Nicotine salts will cause a colour change. This is completely normal due to its complexity and is in no way a reflection of freshness or quality.

     *Please contact us for bulk, wholesale or general inquiries.

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